Teach and Travel in China, Airfare Included

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Date Posted: August 6, 2019


QR Code Link to This Post Whether you are looking for a chance to explore the orient, learn Chinese, save some money, or you just want to try something new, we have an opportunity for you! We are looking for five hardworking, outgoing, and enthusiastic people to work as children’s English teachers in our downtown Shenyang, China English Training Center starting as soon as possible. At Langston English classes are small, usually 4 to 12 students, for a personal and effective learning environment. Langston provides language training for a variety of corporate clients including Coca-Cola, General Motors, Samsung, LG, Bekaert, China Southern Airlines, China Mobile as well as the US Consulate in Shenyang. In addition, Langston is a Sino-US joint-venture company that understands the needs of our expat English teachers. Langston also boasts the top Chinese-language program in Shenyang. We have years of experience teaching Mandarin to westerners and we are able to offer our English teachers support in learning Chinese that is truly unrivaled by other schools.Requirements: The right candidate will have an outgoing and friendly personality that demonstrates a positive attitude in the midst of a stressful working environment. The ability to manage a busy schedule and plan for classes well in advance is a must.Teacher Qualifications: That you are a native English speaker from the US, Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland, or New Zealand. That you are twenty-two years or older. That you have strong sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for teaching.That you are in good health. That you possess excellent spoken and written English. Those with a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification, as well as those with previous teaching experience, will be given top priority. Benefits: For qualified teachers we offer the following: *8500 CNY to 15,000 CNY per month depending on education and experience* Work Visa* Health Insurance* Free Mandarin Classes* Free housing *One week paid leave in addition to the following Chinese and Western holidays – One week during Chinese Spring festival in January or February, three days during the Labor Day celebration in May, and one week during the National Day celebration in October. You will also have Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s days off. The cost of living in Shenyang is extremely low. A teacher making the above salary is able to save a significant amount of money each month while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. For perspective, the average university graduate in Shenyang makes a beginning salary ranging from 1,500 CNY to 2,000 CNY per month and is not compensated for housing. For more detailed information about Shenyang please visit our website at www.langstonchinese.com (This website was designed and built for western students interested in studying Chinese at Langston. Our website for Chinese students interested in studying English is www.langston.cn; however, the website is primarily written in Chinese). To apply please send your CV or resume to hiring@langston.cn

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