$1000 CASH Sublease One bedroom one bath APARTMENT LOS OLIVOS IRVINE

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Seller Listings: 14733
Date Posted: August 15, 2019
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I have job transfer and I am offering $1000 cash for anyone who is looking for a shorter lease term of 5 months (lease ends 1/25/2020) to take over my lease in los olivos. Of course you may renew your lease on that date if you wish to stay longer. Offer is for takeover of the remaining lease term. No add ons or roommate situations. It is on the top floor and is a corner unit. So you have no one above you. Many amenities such as volleyball court, 3 pools, onsite car rental, onsite market and much more. Expected move in date from now to 8/31/2019 to get your $1000.Offer is firm, no negotiations. Serious inquires only. Please call/text 949-204-00 zero one.