Buying galaxy phones best prices paid (Garland)

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Date Posted: September 4, 2019
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I am paying cash same day for many Apple products. I will buy iPhone XS MAX, XS, XR, X , 8+,8,7+, 7, 6s+, 6s, and 6+. As well as Ipads & Ipods (latest version) .They can have a cracked screen or damage as well. We pay cash on the spot and offer very friendly and professional service.Call, Text, Email for a free quote- show contact infoWe are also buying all models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. We paying cash on the spot & offer very friendly & proffessional service. We will buy Galaxy S10+, S10, S9+, S9, S8+, & S8. Also all latest Samsung phones, such as the Samsung FOLD, and Samsung Notes. Call or text for free quote.- show contact info