1990 32′ Riva Ferrari Speedboat

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Seller Listings: 229
Date Posted: July 30, 2019
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QR Code Link to This Post ***VESSEL IS LOCATED IN HONOLULU, HAWAII***1990 32′ Riva Ferrari SpeedboatLIMITED EDITION collaboration between Riva and FerrariTwin 7.9 L Ferrari Gasoline Engines, 400 HP EachStored indoors over ten years (not run in that time)Trailer NOT includedMarket value as of 2004 $189,000Offered via a closed-bid process, as advertised in the Star Advertiser on July 29, 2019, minimum bid $75,000.Arrangements to inspect the vessel may be made by contacting Bob Perkins via contact link on this ad. Vessel currently stored at the Marine Education and Training Center at 10 Sand Island Pkwy.Sale of the vessel shall be as is, IN AGGREGATE. Buyer will be responsible for all expenses relating to the packing, pickup, delivery, expense of registration and licensing of the boat. Vessel shall be removed from METC property no later than 2 weeks after payment is received.Bids accepted until September 6, 2019.