750W E-Bike Camo (East Arlington, TX)

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Date Posted: September 5, 2019
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BPM F55 750W 13AH 48V26″ Fat Tire Electric bikepedal assist and throttle up to 28mphfits 5’5″ to 6’3″ up to 40 miles on a charge.5″ LCD touch screen displaymax weight 350lbs.luggage rack.ride is super fun.I rode it 3x and it has under 40 miles on this bike, I never get to ride it since I work out of town so I’m selling.your gain is my loss.price is firm and is listed on Facebook market also and other bike groups.I would trade for a nice set of Zipp clinchers wheels 404’s for disk breaks.will not entertain low ballers.please don’t text questions that the information your asking could be right here so please read all of the add.thanks for looking.prefer text to contact me. I do get my emails and will respond but a quicker response is by text.