7ft Antique Shabby Chic Velvet & Chenille high back sofa (Chicago)

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Seller Listings: 14733
Date Posted: September 4, 2019
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Available for sale, an antique high-back banquette sofa in shabby green patterned chenille and chocolate velvet with painted wood frame. This sofa is a statement piece and stands 47″ tall. Overall Good Vintage Condition, with typical wear consistent with age. From a non-smoking, pet-free environment. Measurements length 83″width 36″total height 47″arm rest height 29″seat height 21″tags chairs seating french provincial shabby chic white wash antique rococo baroque louis xvi xv xiv french country high back living room family room home decor seating furniture boutique retail reception salon design designer interior wedding event planning photo photography prop design set design home decor boho chic bohemian kitchen dining room bench baquette seating rustic anthropologie farmhouse art deco victorian turned wood barley twist restaurant