1984 300zx Manual

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$ 2200

Cyptocurrency ok
Condition: Used
Brand: Datsun
Date Posted: July 9, 2019


Hi for sale is my 1984 Datsun 300zx! I have owned this car for about two years now and it has been a reliable driver the whole time. I now have too many cars and I no longer have the time to drive and mantain this car as it should be.

Things I have done
Replaced the worn original shocks and springs with KGB gas adjust shocks and Eibach progressive springs for a less saggy ride.
New exhaust manifold/header from MSA as the original was had a crack and made an annoying exhaust leak
New catback with muffler from The Z Store as the orignal muffler was desingrating.
New spark plugs and O2 sensor
Cleaned the MAF sensor
Oil changed every 3 thousand miles
Repaired the brake lights and replaced the hatch with a turbo hatch with additional brake light. (This still needs to be wired up though)
New brake light controllmodule in the rear hatch area
New battery
Various new vacuum hoses and intake hoses
New fuel hoses and Idle controller gasket
New hood struts
New blue dash mat and steering wheel cover

What needs to be done
Rear wheel bearings need to be replaced as the car vibrates when turning right (The wheel bearings are cheap I just lack the time to replace them)
Wiring up the turbo hatch
At one point the car had anniversary edition overfenders so the holes are already drilled if you would like to add them in the future

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